Work Experience

February 2012 - towards
Chair Holder of UNESCO Chair ICT in Library Studies, Education and Cultural Heritage

April 2010 - towards
Full Professor, Chair of Department of Computer Science

Teaching, Research,University of Library Studies and Information Technology, Tzarigradsko Shosse 119, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

April 2010 - towards
Research Program Manager
, Scientific Research Department, Sofia University

April, 2008 - September, 2011
Project Coordinator,

FP7-REGPOT-2007-1 SISTER: Strengthening the ICT Research Capacity of Sofia University
Strategic planning, Strategic RTD and Innovation Agenda development, Activities for strengthening the RTD and Innovation capacity in the area of Software and Services, Intelligent Content and Semantics and Knowledge Management and Innovation; organization of research mobility, events, cooperation with other RTD institutions and industry, etc. Budget - 1,070,000 €
EC, Research Capacity Building

January 2005 - towards
National Coordinator
, Bulgarian Network of Research Mobility Centers, EURAXESS
Networking and coordination. Coordinating the activities of the Bulgarian network: National Center, four Regional Centers and one Center for inter-sectorial mobility of researchers. EC, People

May 1999 - April 2010
Director of Centre of IST (CIST), Sofia University

 Executive Manager of all activities of CIST:
  - RTD projects (more than 50 from FP7, FP6, FP5, FP4);
  - eContentPlus Projects (1),
  - LLL projects (more than 20);
  - Phare, World Bank, Unesco,
  - USAID and Structural Funds projects (more than 15);
  - bilateral international projects (5),
  - eContent projects (2),
  - national and university projects (more than 20);
  - research and Innovation related national and international events (more than 150), etc.

 Defining policy, strategic planning, advisory activities at national and EC level. Recent projects at CIST:
- FP7-REGPOT-2007-1 SISTER: Strengthening the ICT Research Capacity of Sofia University (project coordinator, budget of 1,080,000€);
- FP7 EuroRIs Project: European Research Infrastructure Network of NCPs, FP7 People NCPs: Trans-national cooperation among NCPs for Marie-Curie Actions;
- FP7 E*CARE Project: Trans-national Collaboration among ERA-MORE Members; Establishing a Technology Transfer Office at Sofia University, etc.

 Other activities at EC level:
- participating in the ETP NESSI activities and coordinating the Bulgarian NTP NESSI establishment as a national representative;
- coordinating the ERA-MORE Network at national level,
- participating in the Knowledge4Innovation Steering Board and activities,
- participating in EC projects evaluation (7), advisory activities, etc.

Total staff hired at CIST so far: more than 60 on a permanent basis and more than 250 on a contract basis; budget managed so far: more than 7 Mio €; hierarchical layers above: 2; hierarchical layers bellow: 2 (flatten out project based management structure – Steering Board and project managers).

June 2003 - June 2007
Vice Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI), Sofia University

- Managing the educational and training activities of FMI at MSc and professional level,
- coordinating the ICT RTD activities and links with industry,
- coordinating the international affairs of FMI,
- coordinating of an internal project for implementation of the ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula Standards at FMI – Computer Science (2004), Software Engineering and Information Systems (2006), etc. Total staff of FMI - 180.
Total number of students at FMI – more than 3 000;
budget managed: about 15 Mio €; hierarchical layers above: 2 , namely - the Dean and the Rector; hierarchical layers bellow: 2.

June 2007 - April 2010
Chair, Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University

Founding the department (in 2007) and managing the educational and RTD activities of the staff (11 people).

June 1995 - June 2003
Chair, Department of Information Technologies, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University

Managing the educational and RTD activities of the staff (15 people).

June 2001 towards
Research Evaluation Expert, Commission on Information Society, Ministry of Education, Science & Youth

Project evaluation and project monitoring, 1 Dodukov St, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria, Higher Education

June 2001 - towards
Expert, National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, Council of Ministers

Institutional and Program Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions - 7 missions

August 1999 - towards
EC projects evaluation
Participation in 8 project evaluation missions. Last 4: FP7 REGPOT; FP7 FET, eContentPlus and Erasmus.
EC, Brussels and Luxembourg // Future and Emerging Technologies, ICT, eContent

May 2008 - towards
Project Evaluator, South-East Europe Cooperation Programme
Participation in 2 project evaluation missions. JTS, Budapest, Hungary, ICT, Technology

June 2001 - July 2001
Visiting Lecturer, Bruce Street Visiting Scholar Program
, University of North Texas

1999 - 2003
National Contact Person, FP5 IST Programme
Dissemination of information, support for proposal preparation, coordination activities and events
Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria, ICT

April 2001 - April 2005
Vice-Chair of Management Board of Association Telecommunications (ASTEL), Bulgaria
Coordinating the links and joint activities of the members of ASTEL and the academic institutions.
Association Telecommunications, 3, Prof. Nikola Mihailov St, Sofia 1142, Bulgaria, NGO, Telecommunications

February 2006
Guest Lecturer, University of Zaragoza, Spain //
ICT, Education

June 2005 - November 2006
Consultant, National Training Foundation, Russia
, ELSP/A2/C/012 Project

June 1990 - July 1992
Consultant in Syria (2 times) and Egypt
// UNESCO, UNDP, ICT, Education

September 1987 - September 1989
Expert in ICT in Education, Ministry of Education and Science
Policy development, coordination, consultation
Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria // ICT, Education

June 1986 - July 1990
Deputy Director, Research Centre of Educational Informatics
, UNDP/Unesco/BUL/86/003 Project
Management, strategy development, implementation, educational materials and software development, research, international cooperation and international events, e.g. the Children in the Information Age conference (1984 -1990). Budget: 4 Mio €
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria // ICT, Education

June 1986 - July 1990
Head of ICT in Education Sector, Research Group in Education
Management, strategy development, implementation, educational materials and software development, research, teacher training, textbook writing and publishing
Research Group in Education, Bulgaria // ICT, Education