Selected - 20 , Other - 49


  1. UNESCO Chair on ICT in Library Studies, Education and Cultural Heritage
  2. FP7-REGPOT-2007-1 Project (2008-2011) SISTER: Strengthening the IST Research Capacity of Sofia University
  3. FP7 ICT Project ELLIOT: Experiential Living Labs for the Internet Of Things - Enlarged EU/)
  4. FP7 Project TARGET:Transformative, Adaptive, Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT
  5. FP6 NoE Project KALEIDOSCOPE: Concepts and methods for exploring the future of learning with digital technologies
  6. FP6 IST Project TENCompetence: Building the European Network for Lifelong Competence Development
  7. eContentplus Project Share.TEC: SHAring digital REsources in the Teaching Education Community
  8. CIP- ICT-PCP Project ATLAS: Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS
  9. Joint MSc Program in Information Systems, Stevens Institute of Technology and Sofia University (2005-2008), flexible mode,
  10. Leonardo da Vinci Project I*Teach: Innovative Teacher
  11. Leonardo da Vinci Project (2004-2007) Info ReDis: IST Requalification of the Disabled persons
  12. Sofia University CISCO Regional Academy (since 2000), more than 2500 students and professionals were trained
  13. PHARE TEMPUS Institutional Building Project (1999-2000) CIST: Centre of Excellence in Information Society Technologies
  14. PHARE Multi-Country Programme in Distance Education (1998-1999) DEMAND: DEsign, implementation and MANagement of telematics based Distance education
  15. Joint MSc Program Educational and Training Systems Design (ETSD), University of Twente, the Netherlands, and Sofia University (1998-2002), distance mode
  16. FP5 Project (2000-2003) e-LIVING: Life in a Digital Europe
  17. INCO-Copernicus Project (1999-2001) MATEN: Multimedia Applications for Educational Telematics Networks
  18. IEA COMPED Computers in Education Study, Stage I: 1988-1989; Stage II: 1991-1992
  19. International Research Program and Conference Children in the Information Age (1984-1990), UNDP/Unesco/BUL/86/003 Project;
  20. National project of the Research Group on Education in Bulgaria in 29 schools (1981 -1989)



  1. FP6 Project (2006-2008) UNITE: Unified e-learning environment for the school
  2. FP6-2004-IST-NMP-2 Project PRIME: Providing Real Integration in Multi-disciplinary Environments
  3. FP6 STREP-013635 Project PARCEL: Participatory Communication Activities on E.Learning
  4. Internal eLearning project ARCADE: Architecture for Reusable Courseware Authoring and Delivery
  5. Leonardo da Vinci Project (2004-2006) LEOSPAN: Support of Persons in the Process of the Accreditation of Non-formal Learning
  6. Minerva (Socrates) Project, IDWBL: Innovative didactics via web based learning
  7. Minerva (Socrates) Project DALEST: Developing an active learning environment for stereometry
  8. Minerva (Socrates) VEBS: Virtual European banking School
  9. Socrates Erasmus Project TN-DEC: European Thematic Network for Doctoral Education in Computing
  10. Socrates Erasmus Project (2001-2003) ECET: European Computing Education and Training
  11. World Bank Project Market-Oriented MSc Programmes and Internet Environments for Education in Microelectronics, Software Engineering and Management
  12. World Bank Project Improving the Quality of Education in Sofia University by Integration of Intellectual and Information Resources
  13. World Bank Project WB BG2002/N4 Introducing of e-Learning in Science Teaching at Sofia University
  14. World Bank Project WB BG2002/N26 Virtual Department on Computing “John Atanasoff
  15. Bulgarian Agency of ICT funded project Bulgarian Virtual University
  16. FP5 IST Project DIOGENE: A Training Web Broker for ICT Professionals
  17. FP5 Project (2002-2005) Project GEM-Europe: Global Education in Manufacturing
  18. FP5 IST Project WebLabs: New representational infrastructures for learning
  19. INCO-Copernicus 1445 Project COP1445: Flexible and Distance Learning through Telematics Networks: A Case Study of Teaching English and Communication and Information Technologies
  20. FP6 Project ATVN-EU-GP: Academic Internet Television Showcases the Best of Good Practice Activities
  21. FP5 Project(2002-2005) MECITV: Media Collaboration for Interactive TV
  22. Leonardo da Vinci Project EEEYMS: European Enhancement of Early Years Management Skills
  23. Leonardo da Vinci Project BRIC-ITT: The BRIC regions International Trade Training e-Learning Suite
  24. Leonardo da Vinci Project BIOeNET: Business Intermediary Organisations e-Learning Network
  25. Leonardo da Vinci Project ENERGY-WISE: EnergyWiseE-LearningSuite
  26. Leonardo da Vinci project InTeLS+: International Trade eLearning Suite for SMEs-InTeLS
  27. Leonardo da Vinci Project YENTELS: Young European Entrepreneurs E-Learning Suite
  28. Leonardo da Vinci Project EEEYMS: European Enhancement of Early Years Management Skills
  29. Leonardo da Vinci Project InTeLS: International Trade e-Learning Suite for SMEs (http://www.intels.biz)
  30. Leonardo da Vinci Project TRIAS Telematica
  31. INCO Copernicus Project  LARFLAST: Learning foreign language scientific terminology
  32. National Project eLiteracy and ToolKID
  33. FP6 Project (2002-2004) BulRMCNet: Bulgarian Network of Research Mobility Centres
  34. Leonardo da Vinci Project TRAINMORE-KNOWMORE: Training Material in Organisational Knowledge Management for European Organisations and Enterprises
  35. Leonardo da Vinci EU - Infobroker: Develop training curricula for not-academic people
  36. FP5 Innovation and SMEs Thematic Networks, BIGEAR NET: Thematic Network on Stimulation of Business Innovation and Growth from Exploitation of Academic Research
  37. FP5 Project (2001-2003) EIM - CEE: Euro Innovation Manager-Central and Eastern Europe
  38. FP5 Project PROMOTOR+: Collaborative Validation and Transfer of Regional Support Measures for Start-ups and Growth in Five NACs Regions
  39. FP5 Project (2002- 2004) EXPERT: Best Practice on E-project Development Methods
  40. FP5 Project (2002-2003) AFORO: Agro-Food Roadmaps. A vision and work plan to implement future RTD trends for the transformation of agri-food industries into digital companies
  41. FP6 Project (2004-2007) E4: Extended Enterprise management in Enlarged Europe
  42. FP6 IP Project GUIDE: Creating an European Identity Management Architecture for eGovernment
  43. Joint Research Project funded under the Programme SCOPES (2005-2008), the Swiss National Science Foundation, REGEBLab: Research and Competency e-Government and e-Business Lab Development Project
  44. INCO COPERNICUS Project (1998-2001) Mall2000: Mall for Online Business beyond the Year 2000
  45. FP5 Project (2000-2002) IWOP: Best Practice Pilot for the implementation of Integrated Internet Based Remote Working Places for Virtual Teams developing their work at SMEs
  46. FP5 Project (2000-2002) PROTELEUSES: Best Practice Pilot for the Promotion and Implementation of Teleworking Tools at European SMEs of the Service Sector
  47. FP5 Project (2000-2002) TOSCA: A Picture of Social Observation of Call Centre
  48. FP5 IST-2001-32790 (2001-2002) WG-ECUA+: European COTS Working Group Extension